Baika No. 484


Much as the cherry blossom has a unique name in Japanese — Sakura, so does the plum blossom: Baika.

To the untrained eye, sakura and baika are often mistaken for the other. And that’s fair. The vibrant, pink flowers do share quite a family resemblance.

As they bloom earlier than other plants, plum blossoms represent the thawing of winter, and the changing of seasons. As such, they’ve come to be known as the heralds of spring.

This is an original 6×6 inch acrylic painting of blossoming trees on a cradled birch plywood panel and is signed and numbered on the back. Painting is on a 3/4″ (2 cm) traditional panel which can be hung just as it is with it’s simple wood edge or it can also be framed for a more finished look. I offer 6×6 float frames in maple as an add on for an additional $49. Your painting will be mounted in the frame before shipping. Add on frame options are listed in the painting and daily special section.

Shipping: $10 U.S. and $20 for international orders.

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