Playing with paint.

My name is Heather, I have often contemplated changing it to Feather, but I don’t because I like that my initials are HA on my paintings. I paint loosely, inspired by my photographs. My favorite subjects are tropical flowers, papayas, cute houses, and the beach. I find color inspiration in vintage photographs and stacks of old Pyrex bowls. I enjoy the process of creating abstraction within realism. I lean toward bold strokes and colors that leave space for imagination and play.

I grew up in the PNW and now split my time in between Tacoma, Washington and Kaneohe on Oahu. I enjoy spending time with my husband Jon Almeda who is a ceramic artist and our giant tuxedo cat named Friend. I have a studio in both locations and I try my best to paint everyday.

Thank you for visiting my website and looking at my work! Original paintings are available 1-2 times per month in a series release. Please sign up for my newsletter on the home page to receive updates for my next art release, upcoming events, special promotions and discounts. In addition to selling my original paintings and prints here on my website, they are also available for sale at the following locations on Oahu.

Polu Gallery

Paiko Hawaii

Mori by Art & Flea


Olive Boutique