Playing with paint.

Welcome! I am a painter, photographer and art teacher living on the beautiful island of Oahu. Being a wedding photographer I am surrounded by flowers, cake and pretty centerpieces most weekends. I capture these pretty details with precision and care, making sure no detail is overlooked with my camera. When I find myself in front of my easel with my brushes and paint I take that same love for those pretty things and capture them in a completely different way. I paint loosely from flowers that I arrange and photographs that I have taken. I enjoy the process of creating abstraction, exploring the collision between realism and non-representation. I lean toward bold strokes and colors that leave space for imagination and play.

Working off a theory by author Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers,” I began  tracking my paintings in 2014 on Instagram as I work to complete 500 paintings. The theory states that humans aren’t born with a specific skill, but rather they become skilled by doing the “thing,” in many fields, for 10,000 hours or 500 times. I easily have 10,000 hours in photography and my confidence matches my experience. But I am new to painting and often struggle to find the confidence to share my work. I recently completed my 200th painting which means I am getting closer to the half way point.

I live in Kaneohe with my talented husband Jon Almeda who is a ceramic artist and our giant tuxedo cat named Friend. We live in an open loft space with big windows looking out at the Koʻolau mountains which are a constant source of inspiration. Thank you for visiting my site, please let me know if you have any questions!

Art & Love, Heather